Wednesday, January 25, 2012

preposterous things.

 the Lord God is my STRENGTH,
and he will make my feet like hinds' feet,
and he will make me walk upon mine high places.

much-afraid trembled and looked at him shamefacedly.
"I don't think - I want - hinds' feet, if it means I have to go on a path like that,"
she said slowly and painfully.

The Shepherd was a very surprising person.
Instead of looking either disappointed or disapproving, he actually laughed again.
"Oh, yes you do," he said cheerfully.
"I know you better than you know yourself, Much-Afraid.
You want it very much indeed,
and I promise you these hinds' feet.
Indeed, I have brought you on purpose to this back side of the desert,
where the mountains are particularly steep and where there are no paths
but the tracks of the deer and the mountain goats for you to follow,
that the promise may be fulfilled.
What did I say to you the last time we met?"

"You said, "Now shalt thou see what I will do," she answered,
and then, looking at him reproachfully, added,
"But I never dreamed you would do anything like this! 
Lead me to an impassable precipice
up which nothing can go but deer and goats, when I'm no more like a deer or a goat that is a jellyfish.
It's too - it's too-" she fumbled, for words, and then burst out laughing.
"Why, it's too preposterously absurd! It's crazy! Whatever will you do next?"

The Shepherd laughed too.
"I love doing preposterous things," he replied.
"Why, I don't know anything more exhilarating and delightful than turning  
weakness into strength,
and fear into faith,
and that which has been marred into perfection.
If there is one thing more than another which I should enjoy doing at this moment
it is turning a jellyfish into a mountain goat.
That is my special work," he added with the light of great joy in his face.
"Transforming things - to take Much-Afraid, for instance and to transform her into --"

He broke off and then went on laughingly.
"Well, we shall see later on what she finds herself transformed into."

- hinds feet on high places.

i guess its time to climb the mountain

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