Friday, November 4, 2011

to my big sister, casey.

today is the day my big sister turns 24.
to call her a big sister is funny, because we are almost like twins.
exactly a year and 18 days apart, we grew up at each others sides.
the three cook girls. all so different. and all so the same.

she was purple and i was always pink.
she had the long, gorgeous dark, shiny hair.
i was the funny blonde.

she has blue eyes.
i have dark brown.

she was fun and crazy.
i was quiet and shy.

we are opposite from eachother in every way.
and thats what i love about her. about us.
the coolest thing about being given the gift of a sister is that i've walked through life with her.
i've seen her ups and her downs. her highs and her lows.
and oh how she's seen mine as well.
and her love for me still holds true.
and mine for her.

i've know Casey as a off the wall, climb through the cabinets, hang off the chandelier kid,
to the hand holding, tear suppressing big sister walking me to my 1st grade class, (and mayyybeee my 9th grade class too... i was shy?)
to the protector, to the choir buddy, and my volleyball friend,
to my dinner out at Macaroni grill in her black honda accord buddy,
the shopping at forever 21 and making our hair look like mary kate
and ashley olsen's from Holiday in the Sun,
to the drive in the car and listen to me cry my heart out about whatever his name was.
she is my friend.
and the one who listens so well.
when that's all i need.
and i am thankful for that.

ive watched casey change and grow and become, through so much, with such grace.
ive seen her walk down the aisle to her husband Jason, (my broski in law, whom i love!)
and ive watched her raise her first daughter Lily to be a too smart for her own good, precious, firecracker, just like her mom.
and ive watched as shes nurtured her sweet little Natalie Reed into our lives aswell.

what a joy and a blessing to have a life set before me.
that i can learn from and be encouraged by.
to have a big sister who can lead me through.
she is an example of what it means to be patient. and gentle. and quiet spirited.
and hard working. and selfless. and a sweet, sweet mother.

so. casey,
here's to 24 years of life. and to the absolute gift you have been for the (almost) 23 of mine.
I love you dearly, and can't wait to see what is to come in the goodness God has for us as sisters, and wives and mothers and friends. you are my light and i don't know who i'd be today without you.

i love you.

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