Thursday, May 5, 2011

to kelsbels and jilly

kelsey, me and jillian
tonight was a night of goodness. of hope. and of first real realizations that this season of my life is coming to an end. quickly.

my sweet, beautiful best friends kelsey and jillian sang their last set as college students at Common Grounds tonight.
to say it was bittersweet doesn't quite explain or illustrate the welling up in my little marsha heart.
I remember, freshman year, walking down 8th street with jillian, her voice was shaky. she was about to do something so crazy. something she would have never thought she'd do. play an open mic. sing in front of people. she was terrified. i was terrified for her. it was epic.
she played songbird. and suitcase. and marsha's lullaby. songs that I could now easily sing every word to. songs that i've heard (with much happiness) a million times over. songs that define. that are the soundtrack to me as a little blonde baylor college girl. and even as a soon to be grad. all grown up and heading out into this great big world.

jillian kept playing. kelsey always beautifully by her side. people started listening. and before we all knew it, jill had found her heart song. her dream job. everything she wanted to do with the rest of her life. and a way to share the love of Jesus in her heart. with the world.
through house of blues shows and chapel songs. and rained out CD releases. and random college station road trip shows. with whataburger after every single one.
through it all. she has sung beautifully.
jillian is the dearest friend. the person in my life who actually laughs when i say things that I seriously think are funny. i speak up for her. she sits silently for me. she is the ying to my yang.
she is there. she speaks my love language and has never failed. she rides with me at 1:00 am to get food...(gross, I know..?)
she sits with me in my studio and watches me paint. even though its weird.
she is the one who sips wine for 10 hours. and sits with me on the couch in the pi phi room during rush when im SO over it.
we match. and its never on purpose.
and sometimes switch identities. and wear eachother's clothes.
she listens to music on the loudest volume with me. and rolls down the windows. and drives the baylor campus 10 times just because its such a freaking gooooood song.
she hates fro yo. i love it. it works. ya know?
she hates having dirty hands. i hate having dirty feet.
she talks to me when i sleep talk. even though its the creepiest thing in the world. (sorry bout that.)
she in love with happiness. but has learned so well how to cry.
i love to cry. and she has taught me how to laugh.
she will sit with me for hours and analyze people. of the Enneagram, there is nothing more intriguing.
at every function, we maintain that dancing involves no male figures. there will only be us. and we will look like idiots. but who cares.
she loves to love people. she has taught me so much about what that means. to love people.
Jillian is moving far away. but i don't fear. tears may be shed at the separation of such epic friendship. but no no. there will be daily phone convos. there will be cheap southwest airlines flights. and over night roadtrips to nashville from dallas. there will be much more. this is not the end.
dear friend. you are a twinkle light. you are quiet and soft and lovely. and you draw people in with your glow. i love you dearly. dearly dearly dearly.

Kelsey Taylor.

Yes, she is my lifelongest friend. we met as little girls. wore big sunday school dresses. decided we were going to be the coolest/baddest girls at children's camp, that were "waaaay more mature than everyone else". she was the person who i first painted with. she is my creative person. the person who understands it all. my crazy brain. she gets it.
kelsey has seen me through it all. through crazy familyness. and falling in love. and deep deep heart break. through big adventures. and through the painfully mundane.
she is the wisest. she is the most completely beautiful. she is timeless. nothing shakes her. and for my entire life, that is a person I have leaned on.
Kelsey makes sure I do things right. She sings me (with her most beautiful voice i've ever heard voice) to sleep, patty griffin style, when I have tears rolling down my cheeks.
she reminds me that its not cool to do what everyone else does.
she makes me remember that i am worth so much more than I sometimes realize.
and she loves harry.
so she makes me love harry. and Hogwarts.
she wears black like a champ. and looks like a goddess every the time. (jealous? yes!)
and will always be my wine drinking buddy.  ALWAYS.
Dallas will be good. i cant wait to watch our families grow up together. i can't wait.
if i could describe kelsey with one little word. it would be "gem'.
she is and always has been and always will be the gem of my life. she is faceted. she reminds me what beautiful is. she makes me remember. every day. even when we are apart. what life means. to live real.
dearest kels bels. lets be stormy. forever.

to my two friends. you are my heartsong. and i dont know who i'd be without you.
fullest of love,


  1. marsha!! this is the sweetest post I think I have ever read! love love love it! and your blog!
    - meredith

  2. What a sweet post!! Even though you won't be living close to each other, life is still as sweet! Just in different ways! You may not see each other as often, but when you do it will feel like no time has passed! Thankful you've found a friend in Jillian like I've found with her sister! Those Edwards girls are the best:)