Sunday, May 8, 2011

momma bear

so, today is the day we get to celebrate our mothers.
my momma is the best of them all in my eyes.
born and raised in Lubbock, with her sweet little West-Texas drawl that comes out to play every once in a while, she is easily described with one word.


i've always said this about my mom, and as i grow older it becomes clearer and clearer where her joy lies.
my mom is in love with her family. she is in love with my dad. and what girl could ask for anything more than that? right?
she is resilient. and committed. to me. and to my sisters. and to my dad.
she cooks meals with such ease, and every time we sit down for dinner, im amazed again that the bread, and the broccoli and the chicken and the potoatoes are all finished cooking. at the exact same moment. its like a miracle.
shes talented.
she loves to give gifts. 
she loves to organize special moments and special things to make sure everyone around her knows how much they are loved.
my mom is emotional. she'd say "noooo im not!" but seriously. she'll cry about just about anything. thus, me and my two sisters do the same.
my mom loves Bonnie (our dog). she'll act annoyed daily. but really, bonnie is her pal. and she talks to her when she thinks no one is around.
my mom is fun. way more fun than i am. way way way more fun.
she is honest. and she never tries to be anyone shes not.
she loves to see the world. a passion she has given me for sure. and she's up for going anywhere. anytime. and I LOVE IT.

the best thing i can say about my mom is that she is warm. she loves her daughters, and her granddaughters, and her son-in-law, and her husband, and her parents, and her siblings, and her nieces and nephews.
she is full of love.
love is her priority.

 so, momma. Thanks for teaching me what it means to be committed to my family. to be patient and willing to listen and be okay with being wrong. for encouraging me to live a life that is full, and to go after the things that I want. thanks for being at every choir concert, and being the president of the booster club, and for driving back and forth between waco and dallas numerous times. thank you for being such a great mom. for singing show tunes with me in the car. and meeting me for lunchs, all the time. and for dancing with me in the living room. and thanks for laughing till you cry. because it makes me laugh until i cry. and thats my favorite thing.
 i love you momma bear.

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