Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sing 2011

If you've ever heard of Baylor's All University Sing you know what a big deal it is to our community.
Supposedly its the second largest off-Broadway production in the US with almost 20 different clubs performing 7 minute Broadway style acts that make up an entire 4 hours SING performance.

and this year I got to be a part of it!

My sorority, Pi Beta Phi, chose the theme of nursing home ladies with the title "Welcome to Your 80's Ladies!". (creative right?)
For the past two months i've spent (and 100 other girls in Pi Phi) 2 hours every night practicing, dancing, singing and rehearing for the 6 nights of performances spanned over these past two weekends.

And last night the winner was announced! I cant believe it, but PI PHI won FIRST PLACE  out of 16 or so clubs!
wahoooo. I am so proud. So so so very proud.
Who knew being a granny could be so much fun.
Thank goodness we were led by some of the most joyful, purpose filled women in my sorority, Anna Stainback, Libby Hackeny, Landen Ellis and Abby Farmer. creative, hilarious, wonderful and God fearing women. Great great great great. I am so proud to be a Pi Phi (I'm even blogging about it!?!?!)
here are some pictures over the past two weekends of performances.... white hair, pillbox hats, walkers, wheel chairs, wrinkles, white eye brows, teal eye shadow...
we were grannies all the way and it was a blast.

AND! congratulations to KOT & TRI DELTA for 2nd and 3rd place!
and PhiChiO, ATO, Kappa, Theta and Sing Alliance for making Pigskin! So much fun!

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