Tuesday, February 1, 2011

happy february

well hey there feburary! looks like you decided to bring along your little friend arctic blast!
i woke up this morning around 3 am with the feeling that my home very well may blow down. (keep in mind i was wearing sandals and denim shorts two days ago... Texas?)
the wind was howling, and has continued to howl with biting winds all day today.
i braved the winds to make it to my classes, (aerobics and all) and came straight back to hunker down for the rest of the night.
before i head back to my blanket and fuzzy socks I want to tell you why I am excited about this MONTH of love.....

1. the civil wars new album is finally out! Barton Hollow...go buy it on itunes, immediately.
2. its time to make valentines cards for anyone and everyone i know! wahooo!
3. its my sisters BIRTHDAY this month. and she is moving to haiti on February 22... :( (hear what she's up to at... http://amandakaycook.blogspot.com/
4. precious valentines stationary everywhere.
5. my new goal for this month: learn calligraphy. i bought myself some pens last night and I'm already obsessively practicing. it is so very fun.

check out these precious valentines ideas from the brilliance that is Martha Stewart....

happy month of love,

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