Monday, February 28, 2011

fever. achy. headache.

I'm stuck in bed with the flu.... :(
but the good news is, the newest Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine came in the mail today. wahoo!
and, tomorrow is March 1st! does anyone know what that means??? Southern Weddings stops taking resumes tomorrow! say a little prayer for me tomorrow that i may continue to have a patient little heart.

see you on the other side when I'm feeling better...
love, marcy

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sing 2011

If you've ever heard of Baylor's All University Sing you know what a big deal it is to our community.
Supposedly its the second largest off-Broadway production in the US with almost 20 different clubs performing 7 minute Broadway style acts that make up an entire 4 hours SING performance.

and this year I got to be a part of it!

My sorority, Pi Beta Phi, chose the theme of nursing home ladies with the title "Welcome to Your 80's Ladies!". (creative right?)
For the past two months i've spent (and 100 other girls in Pi Phi) 2 hours every night practicing, dancing, singing and rehearing for the 6 nights of performances spanned over these past two weekends.

And last night the winner was announced! I cant believe it, but PI PHI won FIRST PLACE  out of 16 or so clubs!
wahoooo. I am so proud. So so so very proud.
Who knew being a granny could be so much fun.
Thank goodness we were led by some of the most joyful, purpose filled women in my sorority, Anna Stainback, Libby Hackeny, Landen Ellis and Abby Farmer. creative, hilarious, wonderful and God fearing women. Great great great great. I am so proud to be a Pi Phi (I'm even blogging about it!?!?!)
here are some pictures over the past two weekends of performances.... white hair, pillbox hats, walkers, wheel chairs, wrinkles, white eye brows, teal eye shadow...
we were grannies all the way and it was a blast.

AND! congratulations to KOT & TRI DELTA for 2nd and 3rd place!
and PhiChiO, ATO, Kappa, Theta and Sing Alliance for making Pigskin! So much fun!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adventure is worthwhile -aristotle

  We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. 
 -Jawaharlal Nehru

i need to go. i need to get away. i need to move. i need to put on my boots and wear some holes into them. walk on land i've never walked on. drink coffee in a shop i've never sat in. try to speak a language i've never spoken. take pictures of scenes i've never seen.  walk on streets i've never known.
its time for me to be an adventurer again. who knows how. who knows when. 
but i pray its soon.

Friday, February 18, 2011

its time for spring its time for spring its time for spring!

la primavera.

photos: prettylittleworld. andy.s. theprettyblog. herwhitesunrise. modcloth. urbanoutfitters.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Day of Love!

 photo: Ruffled Blog 

This day is an exciting one for many reasons!
First of all today is my sister, Amanda's, 26th BIRTHDAY. Yep, shes a Valentine's baby. 
AND she is moving to Haiti to spend 2 years telling people about the love of Jesus in only 8 days! ahhhhh! 
 (me and amanda after my half marathon this past December)

Secondly, this BEAUTIFUL site just launched. 
Oh my goodness. Go check it out! It is any wedding lovers dream come true.
Gorgeous gowns, dresses, shoes, jewelry and my favorite part...cover ups. I just love a sweet little cropped jacket, bolero or cardigan over a bridal gown.
The overall concept of this brand new company is magical. I cant stop exploring. Oh my oh my! go look NOW!

now im so ready to buy this sweet little number from BHLDN, 
I'M IN LOVE.....

 And most importantly, this day is one of the greatest because it is a day when we are given the BEST opportunity to tell those we love that we do and even though I have more things on my plate than I can handle, I am going to take the time today to make it special.
maybe go on a date with best friend jill?
make tiny valentines for my friends.
call my family and say I LOVE YOU.
eat a heart shaped cookie.
maybe buy a bottle of red wine and watch the grammys (via tivo?)
oh, and. im going to wear red lipstick.

photo: Ruffled Blog

have the happiest valentines day.
love, marcy

Thursday, February 10, 2011


my newest painting.

 "Such inheritance was formed within the sand
Like the shells you gather in the safety of your hands
Dive in with your eyes closed
For the life you were born to claim
And the water will be paralyzed
By the courage you contain
And the flutter of your earnest heart
It will fill the silent seas
And all will be restored in your memory"

lyrics: "Watermark" by Sleeping at Last

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


James 4:10 "Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor."

such a weird day.
I woke up this morning SO very irritated with a LOT of things. the fact that my classes weren't cancelled, and that my toes were cold, and that I couldn't see anything in my room because the power was out.

classes and parking and professors were so frustrating, although a little lunch break and great conversations with lane, jill and hulia brightened my day, this day just kept being weird.

i'd say the overall theme of my heart today, was selfish.
I am irritated that the power was out for almost 15 hours today, that I had to avoid my home because it was like an icebox. I was irritated and felt completely justified in that. until now.

until walking into my home, with the power back on, and lamps lit.
as i was running a warm bath and soaking my toes and warming myself i thought, Lord i am so lucky to be here now. and so humbled by it.
who am I to have clean warm running water, fuzzy socks, a space heater, fleece blankets, warm food and four walls shielding me from these winds and a roof over my head.
who am I?
why do I feel so entitled. so self absorbed. so okay with complaining when I KNOW i am blatantly turning my soul away from gratitude, and humility and faithfulness, and my calling to be set apart, and joyful in all circumstances.

i have deep relationships, and warmth, and an ABUNDANCE of provision from the Lord.
may i rest in that tonight.
when I lay my head down on my pillow tonight may it be with deep gratitude and with deep brokeness for those so near to me that don't have warmth tonight.
may my heart be broken. truly.
and may my life speak loudly of that brokeness.

so thank you jesus for perspective. for a reminder of how consumed I can be with my own selfishness and how much I need YOU to humble me. daily.

sleep warmly tonight,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

happy february

well hey there feburary! looks like you decided to bring along your little friend arctic blast!
i woke up this morning around 3 am with the feeling that my home very well may blow down. (keep in mind i was wearing sandals and denim shorts two days ago... Texas?)
the wind was howling, and has continued to howl with biting winds all day today.
i braved the winds to make it to my classes, (aerobics and all) and came straight back to hunker down for the rest of the night.
before i head back to my blanket and fuzzy socks I want to tell you why I am excited about this MONTH of love.....

1. the civil wars new album is finally out! Barton Hollow...go buy it on itunes, immediately.
2. its time to make valentines cards for anyone and everyone i know! wahooo!
3. its my sisters BIRTHDAY this month. and she is moving to haiti on February 22... :( (hear what she's up to at...
4. precious valentines stationary everywhere.
5. my new goal for this month: learn calligraphy. i bought myself some pens last night and I'm already obsessively practicing. it is so very fun.

check out these precious valentines ideas from the brilliance that is Martha Stewart....

happy month of love,