Saturday, January 29, 2011

top ten

best things about this week. ok. here we go....

1. The Head & The Heart's new album/ especially Rivers & Roads. Listen. Now. Go.
2. Chocolate yummies with Jillian on a friday night.
3. The 75 degree weather today. making me feel happy that spring is ALREADY coming!
4. spring break cruises booked and new swimsuit dreams from jcrew.
5. cancelled classes and a free wednesday morning.
6. my april art exhibition space assigned. 45 feet. yep. April 19th. cant WAIT.
7. These spring beauties. flowers flowers flowers.
9. Paper + Craft. the book. buy it, read it, and then make everything in it.
10. Madewell. best clothes ever. thanks for showing me the brilliance that is Madewell, Hopey.

:) have a bright weekend. love, marcy

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