Friday, January 14, 2011

dream job.

today marked the day: January 14th 2011, when I have written in my calendar that the job search and resume sendout would begin.

let me start by telling you a story...
This past month, over christmas break I went a a little road trip with my wonderful friends Hopey, Jillian and Richard to Nashville, Tennessee. Driving through the night and the snow we played a massive round of the question game.

Here's jillian, hopey and richard. i love them...

One of the questions on this drive was: "If you could do anything when you graduate. Anything at all. What would it be? Where would you live? And why? Be specific."

Hopey said she wants to live in Nashville in a cozy cottage with a fireplace and wooden floors, and start a coffee shop/bookstore/bakery/flower shop/music venue called THE TREEHOUSE. (I have no doubt she'll do it all...)

Richard said he wants move to California, work for Patagonia as an athlete's rep and be a freelance sport photographer on the side. LEGIT. (but he also could run TOY STORES! woah!)

Jillian said she wants to live in Nashville, play/write/record music for the rest of her life and live in the tiny cottage with hopey. Beautiful.

I said: My dream is to move to Chapel Hill, NC and work for Southern Weddings Magazine. Find a new church, make new friends and be surrounded by the great women that run this magazine. That'd be my dream. A new city, still in the south, and a dream job.

story ends.

This morning I woke up, went to my morning classes and came home. I kept glaring at my planner, it was screaming at me, START JOB SEARCH! I succeeded at avoiding said task all day, until 10 pm.
I finally got my laptop and my notebook, came to sit at the kitchen table in the Ninny and after reading a written prayer Jillian wrote for me to ease my nerves about my future and jobs, I began my search.
Ive kept a growing list of prospective employers for about a year now. Number one on the list, Southern Weddings Magazine.

I read their blog almost every day, love their concept and love the style, and i think the ladies who work there are THE coolest.
So I obviously hoped onto their site to get the email information to send them my resume.

Low and behold, the page pops up and the title is, "WORK WITH SOUTHERN WEDDINGS" the post for January 14th, 2011. LOOK!!>>>>

My roommates can attest to this that I started to cry. seriously. tears were falling down my face.

they are looking for a Junior Art Director.


Is this real God!? Did this just happen?
So, I put together my final resume, and am about to send the email with my attached pdf cover letter and resume.

yes, I am excited.
But I know the Lord has good things for me, and I am excited for those, whether they include my dream job or not.
But isn't that the BEST start to a job search you've ever heard of!?


with lots of love and many big dreams about my future!

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