Monday, August 9, 2010

places i'd like to live, today.

Edinburgh, i might want to live with you. You are culture, and cold, but green all the time, and small, but still big, and by the sea and so scottish.

Maine. yes. i think i could wear rubber boots with sweaters and sit on my porch with hot cocoa and rake leaves and live in a tiny town with sailboats.

San DIEGO. sunshine. perfect temperatures. art. sand.

Brooklyn. New York. a lot of people love you. I think I might too.

Nashville. i already know you are magical. but i dont know how much of an adventure you would really be for me... but maybe im wrong.

Hawaii. far away. but still America. beaches. sunsets. tan toes and surfing.

Colorado. your mountains could do beautiful things for my spirit.
and your snow, and leaves, and cabins, and trees.

where oh where should i go?

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