Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Past Month

April has been a whirlwind.
And I am here to tell you allll about it!

Since we last spoke I have experienced so many bright things, spent time with such great people, and seeeen the world!

Over spring break I got to travel to 6 countries with my friend Caroline.

1. We started off the trip in NICE, France. Can you say PERFECT? it was perfect. I have decided that if and when (if) I move back to Europe, it will be to Nice. no doubt. After some yummy Indian food and a beautiful day at the open air market munching on fresh baguettes, olives and strawberries, we headed to...

2. PARIS. oh paris paris paris. We had less than 24 hours to spend here. So we did what the french do. we ate fondu. at a restaurant smaller than my CLOSET. wine served in baby bottles and loud loud loud everywhere! what an experience!

3. MAASTRICHT. because of train dilemmas we had to bypass our little stop to Brussels :(... but thats OKAY because I got to see Kenzie, Natalie, Courtney and Stephanie sooner! I was able to spend threeee nights in the sweet little town just enjoying my friends. definitely the best stop of the trip! Definitely!

4. COLOGNE. starbucks & cathedral. thats really all I have to say. because they were just so awesome...

5. STRAUSBOURG. is it france? is it germany? who will ever know. This tiny little town right on the border of germany and france (officially part of france) is so unique. we got to stay in a LOVELY hotel (a little treat on the trip) and have mornining tea. it was just a treat. sadly not ONE picture was taken here... because it was raining the whole time we were there. :(

6. LUCERNE. OH MY GOODNESS. Switzerland is NOT overrated. it is everything everyone says it is. and more. it is the most breathtaking, awe inspiring, breath of fresh air place in the WORLD. i will go back very very very soon!

7. LAKE COMO. first of all, being back home in italy was exciting. I finally understood (kinda) what everyone was saying. i felt home. what a cool thing. to be in Italy and feel home. lake como was beautiful. the weather couldnt have been beat. I am excited to go back there with my parents SO SO SOON!

8. Rome. I LOVE ROME.


2 days after getting home from my whirlwind trip through Europe I hopped on a plane and headed to the UK. After landing at 10:30 pm in London, Paige and I raced to catch our night train to Edinburgh, Scotland. Lo and behold, this "luxury night train" was a BUS. 10 hours. on a bus. great.
But Scotland was BEAUTIFUL. I felt at home with my PEOPLE. the SCOTs!
After two days of shopping, sightseeing and relaxing, paige and I headed back on another night train (upgraded to 1st class cabinsss!) to LONDON to meet up with JEN and HILARY! << the lights of my life!

London was a JOY! barring some slightly scary and interesting hostel issues it was a great time. Dinner at Covent garden, LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL!, Easter sunday service at Westminster Abbey. So much greatness packed into one weekend!


Only 3 days after getting home from the UK, Paige and I hopped on ANOTHER plane to Prague. it was a fairytale. it was like disney world, but cooler. go to prague. you wont regret it.

Then! My maastricht friends CAME TO ROME!

SO MUCH FUN! i got to show them my home. my life. and it was fun. love it! love them!

THEN: VENICE! its a world on water!

and NEXT weekend: Cinque terre!
Cant wait to tell you all about it!

Only 17 more days of living in Rome. saddest number every. and the most exciting at the same time.
Only 17 days until I get to give my parents the biggest hugs.
Only 17 days until I get to travel to amazing places with my great parents.

So much excitement to come.
i am blessed beyond words. blessed blessed blessed

marcy :)

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