Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 days

I cant believe that in ten days, my parents will be here. in rome.
my bags will be packed. my apartment on viale trastevere will be empty and clean.
my finals will be over. and I will be getting on a train...and leaving Italy.

who knows when I will see this place again.
when I will get to walk down the streets that have become my home. and feel alive. in this place. maybe never. but thats okay. i am lucky enough to have breathed this italian air just once in my life. lucky enough.

it is such a bittersweet time. saying goodbye to these experiences. this season of my life. this "thing" i have looked forward to for so long. i am so glad it came. so glad it happened.

but with the bitter comes the sweet. and the sweetness comes in the next month.

i get to hug my dad. i cant wait to hug my dad.
and i get to see my momma. she is the BEST momma.
and travel with them for 2 weeks. just the three of us.
more than being excited about seeing europe, i cant wait to be with them.

then i get to get on an airplane, and go home. to texas. home sweet home.
and give my sisters hugs. and kiss my little niece. i cant wait to hear her say "pease" and "hi marny!" ooo i cant wait for that. for her little pig tails and her giggle.

i get to eat mexican food.

and drink starbucks with my best friends.

and go to church. i cant wait to go to church. oh my.

and go to the lake. and ENJOY my family.

and go to waco. and give my roommates hugs.

and visit jilly in nashville. i cant wait to be in nashville.

so many things have been learned since ive been here.
so many.
mostly that i should never take anything for granted. and how fleeting the THINGS we have are.
its my family. and my friends that I should spend my energies on. its people. that i should love. i hope forever my life will be less and less about the stuff. and more about YOU and life, and loving people.

and its God that I should serve. its God that i do serve.

my life is happening. i am in the midst of it. and I cant wait to see where the Lord takes me in this next season of my life. He is so creative. and He knows knows knows what He's doing!

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