Friday, February 26, 2010

Momma & Amanda Visit Roma

So, this is a bit overdue, but why not.

A week ago my mom and amanda flew ALL THE WAY from Texas to see me.
They are nice :)

It was most definitely a highlight of my time here thus far to share my life here in Rome with them.
We ate the GREATEST meals (I am still full, one week later...), saw some beautiful places and art (the vatican museums, sistine chapel, St. Peters, the BORGHESE galleries and gardens, Pompeii, and rome in general).

Such a great time to drink lemonchello, enjoy 3 or 4 hour meals, explore the city, relax in the hotel room, laugh, cry, and just love eachother.
It was the best. they are the best.
yes, I was so sad to see them go.

But of course, I live in ROME! And tomorrow I am off on another adventure to Capri.

these days are bright.
and I love my family.

missing home, but loving rome,

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