Sunday, February 7, 2010

I fell in love with florence...

(Paige, Hilary, Taylor, me and Jen at the top of the Duomo)

This weekend I was able to travel just a few hours north to Florence with some very great friends.
Oh what a joy it was.
Wished I had court ryburrrrn or Kara Gillum to show me the way but oh how i loved it...
Quite streets. Clean and Rainy, and altogether magical.
here are a few of my highlights from this weekend of good.

10. The cobblestones in the evening. in the rain. beautiful? I think absolutely so. Add the carousel, and my dreams come true...

9. The views from the top of the Duomo cathedral. 8 euro and 463 steps. but completely worth it. not only were we each practically fainting by the time we reached the top, but on our descent we got to listen to Boston Joe (oh Joe), deeply afraid of heights, rap therapeutically to calm his nerves. I wish i had a video camera. priceless indeed.

8. The Uffizi Galleries. one of the most impressive art collections I have been to yet. And we all know how very much i love. the birth of venus. Laocoon. giotto altarpiece. yes yes yes.

7. the gelato. after visiting this place called Firenze I feel deeply deprived of gelato in Rome. gelato in florence is like starbucks in seattle. on every street corner. and always SO very yummy. despite the cold im pretty sure I had it FOUR different times within 2 days. again. yes.

6. B&B Maison. This hilarious little hostal we stayed in was a world of its own. Seriously.
I couldnt have asked for more. Cartoon sheets, colorful miss-matched blankets. beds that spontaniously buckled as the nights progressed. Virgile, the french man and face of B&B Maison, who honestly cant even be described. Fiona, the sweetest little dog. All wonderful things.
The grestest thing about this place was being able to meet ALL of the people from every corner of the world. Geoffrey from France. Mia from South Korea. Isaac from Idaho. The 3 Peruvians. Dan from NH, who is most definitely famous. What a great group of people. What a great weekend.

5. Lorenzo. the owner of B&B Maison. he is everything Italian. and hilarious every step of the way. Each night he cooked us dinner (with the great help of gourmet chef AJ Montgomery), and never failed to pour us each a glass of whiskey, or rum and coke. hmmm. thankful for isaac being able to drink mine. haha. oh Lorenzo.

4. the chocolate fair. an entire GIANT tent full of chocolate vendors. no better sight.

3. tea. B&B maison provided nightly tea. served sweetly in cow cups. no. seriously. which of course is my little dream coming true.

2. The quiet. Florence is MUCH quieter than Rome. much smaller. much quainter. everything is closer. everyone is nice. i loved it. i was such a great weekend getaway.

1. the trains. I am offiicially obsessed with riding trains. I dont think I will fly anywhere while here. sitting on a train, by the window, with a beautiful view cant be beat. especailly when it costs only 16 euro. thank you TrenItalia...

glad i get to go back two more times :)
love, Marcy

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  1. Marcy, I'm sad I'm just reading this!! I'm glad you loved Florence, but I'm also glad you've found a home in Rome!! I so wish I would have been there to show you all of my favorite restaurants, gelato shops, a looking points! It looks like you found some good ones! I'm really just so happy for you and everything you are getting to do!! I cannot wait to hear about it!!