Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today was an adventure.

Went to my figure drawing class this morning at 10:30.
The studio is further from my apartment than the main campus so I took the tram (even though i promised myself i would walk to class when is pretty). but, I stand behind my tram decision.

and so, its official. I will be drawing nude men once a week.
freak me out? a little bit, yes.

after class, i made it back to campus to apply for my Permesso di Sorgetto (Permit to Stay) in Italy.
A beautiful example of how SLOWLY italians work... but they are happy so who cares.

then i trekked on to the bookstore. About FOREVER away from where I was.
I decided to walk.

On this particular walk, I found myself COMPLETELY lost, until I came upon Piazza Navona.
Oh what a pleasant and lovely surprise.
Tempted to sit at one of the cafes and spend 15 euro on a lunch... but i didnt.
I sat on a bench instead next to a VERY old but pretty italian lady. I wish I could have talked to her...

Then I continued on.
to almost get pooped on by a pigeon.
to walk by a man, a friar, a man friar. he looked like he was in Robin Hood. it was great.
to meet a little limping pigeon.
to see an ACTUAL hello kitty smart car. seriously.
to buy a bottle of wine and some nutella. oh my goodness nutella!
kept wanting to buy something yummy.
to wander around a floral shop.
to discover a shop, just for journals.
THEN I found the book store. It was a dream. A whole shop of english novels, etc. I stayed there wandering for an hour. and, I got my books for class....

then, came home. and slept for two hours.

Its been a good day in Roma.

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