Sunday, January 24, 2010

milano. the highlights.

This past weekend I had the great opportunity to travel by train up to Milan and welcome my good friend AJ Montgomery to Italy. (He is about to start studying to be a CHEF in Parma just outside of Milan)

Traveling by train for the first time, alone, was definitely a challenge. But the one thing I have learned so far is how great it feels to dominate another aspect of world travel.

The Rome Termini train station may be the biggest nightmare I could ever encounter.
Deeply grateful to my lovely friend Kat for walking with me to the station Friday morning, and taking me step by step through the VERY confusing train riding process.

After getting on the train, things became a breeze. Beautiful views. Comfortable seats. Plenty of leg room. Read the BEST book. "Dear John". Nicholas Sparks. dont judge. it was gooood.

Once in Milan, I sat. Waiting for AJ. Milan Centrale may be the COLDEST place I have ever sat. seriously.

Found AJ, got a cab, made it to the sweet little hotel, ate some pizza down the street. crashed. slept great.

The next day, after a cappucino and croissant we were both bright eyed and bushy tailed. ready to explore.

Throughout the day we were able to see the Duomo, the Galleria (beautiful), the Teatro Scala, a few PERFECT bookstores, window displays of the most expensive shops in the world probably, we got to eat some goood food, drink some great coffee, experience a little taste of fashion week (outside of the Abercrombie and Fitch. of course) AND I met an italian bonnie. it monumentally changed my life.

Our trip was lovely. I fell in love with Milan. The people were unbelievably kind and helpful, the streets were clean and quite. It was just a very pleasant place to visit.

So, in conclusion... Milan, I love you. Here are some pictures to prove how perfect it really was...

The Duomo. the 4th largest Cathedral in Europe. and spectacular.
a break to write some postcards, plan our next move and drink some latte macchiato and cafe. yum.
Prayer candles lit in the Duomo cathedral.
this is the most beautiful sight i've ever seen. i was entranced. in my world, every door would look this way.
Window shopping in Milan might actually be the most entertaining thing in Europe... seriously.
Hunter McGehee, you would drool...
Oh the bookstores in Milan. This one in particular was lovely. 'Milano Libri'. I could have stayed there for hours. Hopefully someday I will make it back there... look how quaint it is...
My sweet little nook of our hostel. Yellow and blue. very quaint.
We discovered this little flower shop on our walk back to the hostel Saturday night. world, meet my dream land. this makes me want to open a flower shop EXACTLY like this. and its so going to happen...

We spent a good amount of time here. trying to figure this thing out. in then end. completely worth it. dear metro in milan, you are better than in rome... :/ sorry rome.

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