Thursday, January 14, 2010


So, here begins the stories of my travels...

it all started after landing at the London Heathrow airport after a grueling 9 hour flight from Dallas.
Exhausted and eager to get on my connecting flight I scrambled through the airport, took a tram to Terminal 5. and found lines. lots of lines. of lots of people. upset. because all flights out of London were canceled due to a "snow storm..."
After hours of speaking with many lovely people with lovely british accents. I got booked on a new flight. that took off a mere NINE hours later.
What to do? lay on three chairs pushed together and try to catch up on some sleep...
and stare at people. journal. read. sleep. eat. try to sleep. ugh...

but, on the bright side, i finally got on my flight, ready to go.
Made it to Rome. both bags made it.
got in the van with the personal driver there to pick me up.
its 11:15 at night.
drove to my apartment.
saw St. Peter's.
almost cried. seriously.

went into my apartment on the 6th floor.
met my roommates.
couldnt sleep. finally slept. woke up at 7:00am to get ready for the day.
met my group downstairs, and took a walk to our school.

rome, really is magical.
the people are so kind.
i attended my first meetings at my university.
met some great girls.
ate a panini at a nice little place
met up with my friend blake from home. so weird how having someone you even kind of know to talk with makes things feel a little bit normal. amidst so much not normal...

of course. with all of the excitement. comes homesickness (which I am so very prone to), wondering why the HECK i am here when I could just be in Waco, with my best friends who always love and support me... and near my family. But then I have to remind myself, that I am here for a reason. It will of course take time to adjust...
And to be around people who don't think just like me and who are from very different worlds... will be a blessing. i trust.

i have visited the grocery store. got some apples. and huge bottles of water. and some shampoo.
planning on spending this evening resting. reading. and getting myself prepared for the day to come.

I pray for new relationships. for a confidence in this completely new and different world. and for the Lord to be very present in every encounter and experience.

Your prayers are much needed and appreciated.
of course, i love and miss YOU and everything about home.
but, sometimes being uncomfortable is absolutely the best thing!

and, I am in ROME.
geez. its beautiful!

with love and pictures to come,

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