Thursday, November 26, 2009

this thanksgiving prayer.

Its thanksgiving evening.
Sitting up late, while everyone else is asleep.
Thinking about this season, and the fullness that I have been blessed to enjoy.
And thinking about the brokenness that others are experiencing.

Its daunting to think on this day of fullness, and food, and family and love, in my home,
that there are people, little children, 21 year old girls, in america, in africa, in asia, everywhere, rich and poor, slave and free, that are alone, without a family, without food, without love.

I think God chooses a specific time in a life (or at least in mine) where he finds it is time I think, it is time I realize and my heart is broken by how much of an exception my life really is. A time to realize that the THINGS I have been given, were given for the specific purpose of saving the broken, in His name, in the power of HIS spirit.

Christians are drawn so many times to the idea that the weight is on THEIR shoulders to save the world. No. That is and was Jesus Christ's job. his life. his purpose. his death. his resurrection. It is not OUR job. it is christ's job, THROUGH us.
So I pray tonight, that by the power of HIS spirit alone, i could love another. I could reach out. Stop living this life of material fullness, in order to give someone who has nothing, something.

Prayer is so powerful. Prayer is something I was called specifically to do. Why in the world would Jesus Christ command us to pray if it was of no importance. it is of EVERY importance to this world. To lives. To children, and families, and brokenness and loss. He is everything to all of this nothing.

So Lord, this is my prayer tonight, on this Thanksgiving. That you would continue to break my heart for the very things that break yours.
That you would give me YOUR spirit of power and boldness in prayer.
That you would draw me towards Love and patience and kindness and gentleness.
May I be a light. in constant humility.
that i would be thankful. and a good steward of the many many many things you have given me.

May I overflow with your love. And follow hard after you. All the days of my life.

Happy thanksgiving.

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