Friday, September 18, 2009

Ten Things about September 18, 2009

1. Im obsessed with Flickr. Its weird. I spend large amounts of time looking at and wishing I could be in most of the pictures on Flickr. Check into it. But, This is the most precious picture ever, so I thought I'd share it. Can I please have a hat like that?

2. its been raining for a very extended amount of time, but I, am absolutely in love with it.

3. Frozen yogurt with raspberries and chocolate chips is something I will eat tonight

4. Sarah left the brightest flowers on my desk. The brightest.

5. My weeks this semester have consisted of looking forward to Wednesdays, and Fridays. Its a vicious cycle. But, Wednesdays are full of swings and happy kids and Fridays are full of naps. Two very very good things. The best things.

6. I have decided that when people ask me what I am going to do with the rest of my life, I shouldn't have to feel like I have this perfect, professional plan in place. because I don't. I have no idea. But I enjoy having no idea. Sometimes I am embarrassed that I enjoy having no idea. (does this make sense). Anyways, I will spend my life exactly as the lord wills. Exactly. I will rest in that, even in the midst of people who expect that I not.

7. Cities I would like to go to very soon: Rome, Chicago, New York, Nashville, San Diego.

8. Hellogoodbye "When We First Met" Just made my life feel happier. I'd like to meet those guys. they are Seriously happy.

9. i need a howdy date. still. anyone want to wear boots and dance?

10. book I will read very very soon: "The Art of Racing in the Rain"

our God is so very good. I will spend this day, remembering that and that alone. May you have the brightest of days my friend.