Friday, August 14, 2009

Time Traveler

Just watched Time Traveler's Wife.
Read the book, thought the movie was absolutely lovely.
Now, as usual after a heart wrenching movie, I am thinking. About almost everything.
The thing dominating my thoughts right now is love. The real kind.

We search for it our whole lives. In our parents, and siblings, and best friends, and enemies, and role models. And we look so hard for someone who can complete it all. to make it all right.

It was perfect tonight to look at this beautiful love story, this perfect tale, where two people are there, and need eachother, and their lives weave into the others so beautifully and perfectly. And its hard, and it hurts probably more than being alone. But they are there, and present. No matter what.
It doesn't matter how long they have to wait for eachother or how long they could even really be together. They just stay, and its right.

This world is fleeting, and everything thing, and every object is meaningless.
But the people, and the relationships, the way, in even the smallest words and gestures, the most simple hug, or smile, or kind word, or listening heart, that is everlasting. The love of God, through each of us. Is everlasting.

I see people love eachother like this all the time. My mom and my dad, they stay. My siblings. My wonderful friends.
And my Lord.
And I am blessed with people who stay. Who love me enough to wait. till I come back from worrying about myself.. from being wrapped up in the things that are like mist.
These people. They wait.

It makes me want to work harder tomorrow, and everyday after that, to be that kind of person. That kind of friend. That kind of daughter. Sister. Role model.

My grandpa once said that one of the most important things in life is being PRESENT in others lives.

I will be present.

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