Monday, April 27, 2009


Woke up. Pouring down rain.  Bed always seems nice. Always.
Class. My professor is weirdly rude. I dont like it.
Running = professor's a no-show, again.
Planned Italy Spring 2010. Its actually going to be a dream. Coming real.
Planned road trip. Hey-oh!
Pi Phi exec. Love it. Girl food and baby showers. 
Everyone is studying like mad people...i've got nothing. someone entertain me. ha.
Weird. Strange. Great Day.

I know its good and right to rest in the present, and love these moments but today I have to soak up the places I will be seeing in the near future...
...the rainforests and beaches of Ecuador with two perfect friends Hunter and Ash.
...sunsets and sunrises on the california coast for Leah's 20th.
...and Trastevere. Rome. Italy. Europe. all by myself :) ...mmmm

you are my dream come true... Little Trastevere, here I come. (in...9 months. haha) its okay to be excited already right?

It has been a good good day to see God in the promises of his simple majestic love.
I love you.

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