Monday, April 27, 2009


Woke up. Pouring down rain.  Bed always seems nice. Always.
Class. My professor is weirdly rude. I dont like it.
Running = professor's a no-show, again.
Planned Italy Spring 2010. Its actually going to be a dream. Coming real.
Planned road trip. Hey-oh!
Pi Phi exec. Love it. Girl food and baby showers. 
Everyone is studying like mad people...i've got nothing. someone entertain me. ha.
Weird. Strange. Great Day.

I know its good and right to rest in the present, and love these moments but today I have to soak up the places I will be seeing in the near future...
...the rainforests and beaches of Ecuador with two perfect friends Hunter and Ash.
...sunsets and sunrises on the california coast for Leah's 20th.
...and Trastevere. Rome. Italy. Europe. all by myself :) ...mmmm

you are my dream come true... Little Trastevere, here I come. (in...9 months. haha) its okay to be excited already right?

It has been a good good day to see God in the promises of his simple majestic love.
I love you.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Tiny Dancers

Tonight I experienced one of the greatest gifts of God.

My sweet sweet best friend/roommate/awesome person/woman of God... Ashley Jepsen 
and the beautiful/long board rider/ singer/dancer/ completely real... Laine Edwards
On stage.
For everyone.
And it was beautiful. 
Never have I so clearly seen God working in and being expressed through two human beings. 
And never have I been so blessed by something so unique.

So, here's to Laine and Ashley,
Who should forever dance. Simply because its what they've been given to be beautiful at.
And to bring others nearer to our God.
I am so proud of you two.
And if I had anything to say about it, I would never let you stop dancing.

"Praise His name with dancing." Psalm 149:3
"Be the souls that God leads into unpredictable and special situations and are isolated by Him. All they know is that God is HOLDING them and that He is dealing in their lives. Then their expectations come from Him alone." -Streams in the Desert

Rainy Sundays.
I can never decide whether they are perfect or not.
But, today, this rainy day was exactly that. Perfect.

I'm reminded daily in this season of my life the deep value of simply being alone.
There is nothing horrible, or sad about it really.
More like, refreshing, lovely, free.

The end of this semester leaves me completely excited...
Waco summers.
California Roadtrips
North Carolina Beaches

Summer will be full. But so has this year.
Today i am mostly thankful for the past

* 5 amazing roommates who have changed by life day by day
* A God who has in this last year pursued me, 
woken me up from deep complacency, 
disciplined me, 
changed my dreams, 
and taught me how to dance 
* The excitement of the months to come, traveling, being still, painting, growing
* AND. Sweet Ashley's dance recital tonight. Her gift of dance moves me more than you could ever know.

"Be confident in the limitless power of your Sovereign God."

"Deep calls to deep". Psalm 42:7